Taking To The Streets, Literally

Street Poling: taking pole dancing to the streets, in every literal sense of the term.

Who: Any crazy pole dancing bunny
What: Performing gravity-defying moves ala Cirque du Soleil (well, we try)
When: Whenever we come across anything that looks pole-able, and when we aren’t in inappropriate clothing (e.g. skirts)
Where: Lamp posts, road signs, playground poles, train poles, etc
How: When there’s guts, there’s a way
Why: Because we can. Because it’s badass.

What exactly is the appeal of street poling?

Bring us to a playground and instead of seeing slides and swings, we are in pole paradise. No, we aren’t monkeys, we’re just proud of what we can do. We do like the attention too, I must admit. 🙂 And it’s a hell lot of fun! Some moves look really interesting if you’re in normal clothes with a different background, since most of the time we are in our pole gear in the studio. The excitement akin to an extreme sugar rush is also enough to make you want to do it again, and again, and again! Lastly, if you’re a rebel at heart, the thrill of getting caught. And you might like to try seeing if some police officer comes after you, especially if you happen to destroy public property. Then you have these…When I first started pole dancing (let’s not bring occasional inebriation into the equation), I just wanted to climb every pole on the street and bust out a scorpio hang. Much to the embarrassment of whoever was with me at that time. Then I ‘upgraded’ to a flag when my core got stronger. And it stayed that way for awhile because it was the easiest to do – just grip and lift.

I also make it a personal goal to do a street pole shot in every country I visit.Just some photos of my street poling (hey I’ve got spontaneous friends!) [2011-2012]

It’s been quite some time since I last street poled. Let’s see if I can take new street poling pictures in Sydney next week!

I shall end with my favourite street poling photo by none other than the lovely Marion Crampe! She’s in the Rainbow Marchenko pose. I’m a huge huge huge huge huge fan of hers! (Source: somewhere online)Anyway, most of my friends are STILL majorly annoyed and embarrassed whenever I beg them to take street pole pictures for me. Why no love? 😦michelle

2 thoughts on “Taking To The Streets, Literally

  1. Why embarrassed!? I’d totally take a picture for my friend if I had any who could do this. I burst out laughing at the one with the people in the background (with a Dior store) totally staring at you….. Haha

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