Review: Dirty Girl POLEtice

I received my Dirty Girl POLEtice in the mail about a week and a half ago! This post is a review of the product and also a step-by-step guide on how to use it. (Not a sponsored post.)

If you’ve read my earlier entries, you may recall that I have sweaty palms. Sticking to the pole and praying I don’t slip is a major feat to accomplish every single time I get on the pole. I voiced out my issues on a Facebook community that I belong to (Pole Dancing Bloggers Association) and managed to gain some valuable advice from fellow pole dancers on how I can cope with this!

A number of bloggers have recommended trying Dirty Girl POLEtice, saying that alot of dancers with hyperhidrosis use it and it works great for them. So I decided to get my very own tub of DGP!

We don’t have a local distributor so I ordered it directly from the US. You can check it out HERE!


DGP is a product “accidentally” created by a pole dancer called Summer.

You see, Summer is extremely sensitive to chemicals and fragrances (peri-oral dermatitis). She was testing out several things to make a mask for her dermatitis when she discovered an “anti-sweating” compound in one of her home-made masks. What she found was that her hands did not sweat after she rinsed her hands and when they do start to sweat, there’s a certain “tack” to her palms. “Tack” is good, because it helps you stick to the pole!

So in a nutshell, DGP is an all-natural product that acts as a mask for your hands after you’ve rinsed off the product! It’s naturally organic so it’s safe to use on any part of your body. This is probably the holy grail to managing hyperhidrosis, albeit temporarily!


I’ve only tried this product twice, but I can tell you…YES, it really works!

First Time: I felt a little confused doing it as it was a little messy. The product comes in a powder form in a tub. So when I peeled off the protective seal, powder start puffing up in my face! Then I read the instructions carefully at the back of the tub and followed them to a T. Okay…not so bad. After a while, I rinsed off and went for pole. During pole, I found that my palms were not sweating as much! In fact, it had the “tack” Summer was talking about. Awesome stuff. 🙂 The effect wore off after a while and I realised it’s because I didn’t use enough of the product and I didn’t let my hands completely dry before rinsing.

Second Time: This time, I was smarter! I also got my sister to take photos for me so I can include photos in this review. I went off for Pilates and pole and my hands didn’t sweat as much! There was still a little sweat but I could go through the sessions with controlled sweating. I still had to use grip aids on top of my DGP but it could hold much, much longer!

All in all, I find this product great for pole dancers with sweaty palms. You can also use it on any other areas where you perspire! The only thing I found a little troublesome was how to use it especially when it comes in a powder form. To address that, Summer has posted a video on how to re-hydrate your DGP so it’s not as messy.


Step 1: Wash your hands with a non-moisturizing soap and rinse clear.
Step 2: With your palms still a little wet, pour some DGP about the size of a 50-cent coin in the middle of your palm.
Step 3: Use the bottom palm of the other hand to start spreading DGP until “mud” forms.
Step 4: Ensure that you coat the entire surface with DGP. Yes, even between your fingers! You want to make full use of the goodness of this product!

Step 5: Leave your hands to dry. You will see a white layer starting to form and coat your hands. Wave them around or do a happy dance to get them to dry! You want to make sure every part of your skin, especially the palm lines, is fully covered with the white layer.
Step 6: It will take about 3-8 minutes to be fully dry. If you want quicker results, feel free to use a hairdryer like I did.
Step 7: Now they’re completely white! Just rinse off with water and dry your hands.

That’s it! It may seem a little of a hassle at first but you’ll get used to it. 🙂

HERE’S A LITTLE TIP FROM SUMMER! (via email correspondence)

Excessive sweating can be due to insufficient magnesium in your body. Magnesium calms the nervous and muscle systems. Summer recommends taking magnesium supplements. The more you sweat, the more magnesium you lose, then it makes you sweat more!

Alternatively, you can start taking epsom salt baths every night (2 cups a bath) for 20 minutes for at least 2 weeks straight.  You should start to see a lessening of the sweating. Once you start to see the sweat calming, you can go 1-2 soaks a week, but she suggests soaking your hands and feet every night in a warm bowl with about 1/2 cup of epsom in it.  Through your skin is the best way to get it into your tissues.


Thanks for reading everyone! This is my first review so I hope I managed to give sufficient information on DGP. Your feedback is welcomed! By the way, the “backdrop” of the photos is actually a beach sarong I got from Bali. Nice?? Hahaha.

I hope this has been useful to you, especially for fellow pole dancers who are suffering from sweaty palms. This also works for other sports if you need better grip or if you just want to control the sweating (e.g. golf, yoga, Pilates, etc). Singapore is SO warm, this is definitely a god-send.

Lastly, this is totally unrelated…but I got my Machine Gun last night! *happy victory dance*AND BEFORE I’M TOO LATE, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Y’ALL! 🙂michelle

5 thoughts on “Review: Dirty Girl POLEtice

  1. Thanks so much for the review! So happy it works for you! You should really try hydrating it (turning it into a mud), that way you won’t waste any powder and it will mix in the magnesium to help with the sweating in the long run. Once it’s hydrated, it will stay that way, so you only need to do it once!
    Again, so happy it works for you!

  2. Thank’s alot for your review! It’s so hart to find a simly instruction how to use DGP… with your instruction i now know how it works and i hope i had such a positive effect like you 🙂

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