Good Things Are Happening!

Good things have been happening to me lately, and I can’t thank everyone enough for giving me opportunities to make me love pole even more. I have so much more to tell you all but I’ve got time for only these two huge, huge milestones in my life.


Thank you for approaching me, ST Life! reporter Ms Jennani Durai. 🙂

Woke up to a pleasant surprise on Sunday. My interview is on Sunday Times Life! You can also view the online article here.

A week or so ago, I had just finished a pole session at the studio when I checked my inbox and got an email from a Straits Times Life! reporter! She found me through my blog and wanted to interview me for her story on Singaporeans who have gone overseas to pursue their hobbies. 

I’d like to thank all the instructors who’ve taught me both locally and overseas, Renee from Groove Dance Singapore has been with me every step of my pole life, my pole friends (yes, you!) who make me love the sport even more, and my boyfriend Sean for his never ending support.

Pole Champions mentioned in the article: Anastasia Skukhtorova, Steven Retchless, Michelle Shimmy, Marion Crampe, Oona Kivelä, Bailey Hart

I actually submitted more names and photos but only 1 picture appeared on the article. And it’s of me and the beautiful Bailey Hart at Western Australia Pole Camp 2014. Just a note: Marion Crampe is spelt wrongly in the article.

Thanks to a friend who saw it and sent my boyfriend the image…it started on Saturday with this preview in Saturday’s papers:

Sat Preview

Then came the article itself on Sunday! My parents were so pleased and proud! My dad offered to scan these images for me so here they are. And look, it’s my Justin Tran photo! 🙂


This is the title of the piece itself. There are 5 articles on Singaporeans heading overseas to pursue their hobbies. My friend Deborah Dayani has also been quoted! 🙂


MS - Article

I can’t believe this actually happened to me. In my dad’s words: “It’s a pretty big achievement!” 🙂


So while preparing for SG Pole Challenge 2014, I came across the Encore! Sydney Pole Show update on my Facebook newsfeed on their ongoing auditions for this year’s show. I have always wanted to take part but didn’t think I was ready or good enough yet. I thought I’d just try even if I’m not the best out there. It doesn’t hurt to just send in an application!


Image taken from Encore! Sydney Pole Show facebook page here.

Auditions closed on 11th April 2014 and results were out on Monday! 🙂


Wheeeee, I’m going to Sydney again! 🙂 I have so many things to do now. Like buy my flight tickets and accommodation. Just checked the weather forecast. Looks like weather’s gonna be cool!


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