Review: Affirmations for Pole Dancers


Every once in awhile, we feel a little down, demoralised, battered and bruised. Sometimes we hit a bump in our pole journey and we feel like giving up. Or we may be stuck with a ‘pole plateau’ and don’t know how to move on. One day you’re dancing like a superstar and flying around the pole, and the next day you’re sitting on the floor wondering why you just can’t get that damn trick. We all have our bad days, and that’s normal. Even on a good day, everyone can use a little encouragement to push ourselves and give us that special lift in our spirits.

Pole dancing is an amazing sport. Yes, it’s tough and requires a great amount of physical strength, which can be conditioned over time. But what’s more important in pole dancing is that it’s also a lot of mental strength. It’s all in your mind! Being able to psych yourself up,  believe in yourself, your determination and your perseverance…it all comes from within YOU!


Sara Catino from Learn Pole Dancing understands that and has decided to create an e-book titled “Affirmations for Pole Dancers” to give us not one, but 100 ways to inspire ourselves such that we become better and more skillful on the pole.


After going through every single affirmation in the book, I found the following to be my favourites. They made me reflect about my pole journey thus far, and once in awhile, it’s always good to do some self-reflection.

5: I pole dance because it is an expression of who I am inside.

Everyone has their own dance styles and interpretations. I dance the way I do because it’s uniquely me. When I dance, I bring my emotions into my movements. Of course, the music you’re dancing to sets the mood as well.

28: Happiness is a choice. Today I choose to be happy in where I am at in my pole journey. I may not be the brightest star, but I am a pole star and that makes me happy.

Being confident of who I am and what I can do is important. I’m happy with my pole journey and everyday, I’m improving. This affirmation really speaks to me because I tend to get a little competitive at times, but I have to accept that everyone is different and good at different things. I may not be the best out there, but I’m the best for me. I’m competing with no one else except myself. I am a pole star!

62: Today I will tell someone else that they are beautiful and they are going to be a great pole dancer one day if they do not give up.

Being able to encourage and inspire others instead of just yourself is a whole new level. It’s because of these people that we continue to believe in ourselves.

70: Today I will not listen to the excuses that come rushing through my mind when it’s time to pole. I will just pole dance.

Argh. I hate it when I feel lazy and tired because it really affects my mood. Remember no. 70.

92: I am a champion when I am on my pole.

No one else. I’m competing with myself to be a better version of me!

97: Pole dancing brings me to a place of happy feelings.

Yup, it’s my happy place! A lot of my friends dance when they’re sad, and somehow it makes everything better, even for just that couple of hours.

99: I am proof that any woman who sets out on her pole journey can reach her goals and dreams.

Have goals and set milestones to reach them. Nothing is impossible as long as you set your mind to it.


Reading (and reciting) these affirmations do make a difference in how you perform today. I’ve had my fair share of terrible pole days. I’ve had days where I feel like giving up. What pushes me on is the passion that I have for pole. Passion is a strange and wonderful thing. It can be overwhelming at times, and understanding yourself and learning how to manage your emotions is a way to becoming the best version of yourself.

Remember, it all starts from within! Do something for yourself today, and I promise you won’t regret it. 🙂 Others have their own kinds of pep talks, we have OURS!


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